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Renee's Organic Garden Seeds

Economic Edible Gardening

Whether you are feeding just yourself or your entire family, our team is ready and looking forward to helping you grow a successful edible garden this year! One of the easiest and most economical ways to begin is by starting an edible crop from seed. Some seeds need to be started indoors weeks ahead of transplanting, while others can be sown directly into the soil outside. Each year our team carefully selects a collection of these “direct sow” seeds, saving you both time and money.

Now is the time to plant seeds of lettuce, kale, spinach, chard, carrots, peas, and radishes. They grow best in the cool weather of March, April, and May and can be planted in containers, ground beds, or raised beds. We also have seed potatoes, onion and shallot sets, garlic, and asparagus crowns for spring planting. If you need soil, we have organic potting soils for your containers as well as soil amendments, like worm castings and hen manure, for your raised and ground beds. Stop by soon to see our full collection of seeds, soils, seasonal transplants, tools, and supplies.

For more information on preparing your vegetable garden, visit our Monthly Tip & Contest page. While you’re there you can also enter to win $25 Plant Kingdom Gift Card.


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fresh deliveries arrive weekly through March
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week of March 13th
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week of March 13th
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week of March 20th
Hardy & Tropical Bonsai
early to mid-April
Summer Vegetables, Herbs, Annuals, & Tropicals
mid to late April
Water Plants
early to mid-May

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